Lorelei's Costume Page

Last updated:  Sep 4, 2017

Lorelei has made several of her costumes.  She has been sewing since Middle School, and has also taken Clothing Construction classes at the University of Delaware.  She used books by Dawn Devine, web resources from "Turbans, Tassels and Tattoos!", and some altered sewing patterns to create her first costumes.  

For all her "bra/belt" costumes, Lorelei reinforces a regular lingerie bra with stiffer materials  like duck cloth and denim.  She followed much of the advice in "Turbans, Tassels and Tattoos!" for making a coin bra to be sure it was sturdy enough for decoration.  Then she covers with fabric and then adds the coins, bead, jewels, fringe and sequins.   Darts are used to take up the excess fabric and get non-stretch fabrics to lie flush to the cups of the bra cups.

Here is another resource to create your own costumes, from Shushanna of Philly:      www.shushanna.com/costumes.html.   Shushanna includes instructions on how to make costumes, as well as resources for where to get supplies.  

Blue Costume

Carl F. Sermon Photography

The Blue costume is Lorelei's first full costume creation.  The belt is made from several layers of interfacing and duck cloth.  This has a blue satin base fabric, with a layer of lace, and then sequins and beads.

Lorelei also made accessories, armbands and a headband to go with this set.  As well as the 2 skirts (chiffon and the same lace on the bra/belt) and harem pants pictured.   The bra and belt set are currently for sale.

This photo was taken at  Rakkasah in NJ by Carl F. Sermon Photography.  Lorelei performed with Scott Wilson & Efendi.

Antique Gypsy and Scrappy Skirt

Carl F. Sermon Photography

The coin bra and belt are covers from Dahlal called Antique Gypsy (now looks like it has been replaced with Gypsy Treasure ) Lorelei covered a lingerie bra with black fabric, added glitter and ribbon edging and then attached the bra coin cover.   The belt coin cover is also attached to a fabric base.

The "Scrappy Skirt of Many Colors" was on display  at the Newark Arts Alliance for their Recycled Art show.  It was made entirely of scraps from other sewing projects. 

This photo was taken at  Rakkasah in NJ by Carl F. Sermon Photography.  Lorelei performed with Djinn.  This was Lorelei's first Rakkasah performance, and her first performance with live music.

Black Batwing Costume

David Fore

The top of the bat wing costume is based on a "Cat Woman" Halloween costume pattern.  There were several alterations made to the pattern to make the straps more adjustable.  Lorelei made 2 different belts to go with this set.  A more Turkish Cabaret shaped belt with chain fringe, and a Tempest style Corset Belt based on her pattern.  

Lorelei also published an article about the construction of this costume in Jareeda.

Photo by David Fore, taken at Pop Raqs (fundraiser for Haiti) in Philadelphia PA.


Mardi Gras Costume  "Gold Finger"

Jose Rios
costumeMardi Gras “Gold Finger" Costume. Lorelei used Mardi Gras masks and beads as part of the decorations of this costume.  She also added feathers and jewels. 

This costume was on display at the Newark Arts Alliance as part of the juried Mardi Gras Show.

Lorelei revisited this costume in 2016 and added more color to the skirt.  

Photo by Jose Rios.

Black Samia Costume

Jose Rios
This costume was inspired by some of the styles worn by Samia Gamal.  This set was first worn as part of a Black Dragon Bellydance Troupe performance also inspired by Samia Gamal and the Golden Age of Bellydance.  At that point it was only black satin with beaded edged. 

Then Lorelei added more jewels and beads across the bra and belt.  She found a vintage black skirt with iridescent platelets and sequins that match some of the sequins in the bra.

This costume may go up for sale in 2012. 

Photo by Jose Rios.

Cherry CostumeJose RIos

This cherry costume was inspired by Rock-a-billy clothing.  Lorelei first covered the bra and belt base with the cherry material.  Then she beaded some of the cherries, as well as the edges of the bra and belt.  
Some of the cherries are covered by jewels and sequins.  

Lorelei wore this set for as an auxiliary member of Amandari at Art of the Belly 2012 and Spring Caravan 2012.

Photo by Jose Rios.

Black Steampunk Costume

stereo vision

This costume started as an idea when Meerah and Lorelei performed as Black Dragon at  Rakkasah in NJ.  The Hat is original to the Steam Punk Saidi costume.  Lorelei did not create the hat, but she added all the decorations.  Pictured is the second generation stem punk bra.   

Lorelei designed and created the Bra, Belt, and Armbands.  The vest is a shorter version of the Steam Punk Saidi that was design by Meerah of Black Dragon.

Photo by StereoVision Photography

White Steampunk Costume

construction shot stereo vision
The White Steam Punk costume started as a cream costume for Top an Amandari performance at Fire and Ice.  After 3 months Lorelei finally had time to make Belt to go with it.  She also create armbands and a headband to go with it.

Lorelei wore this set for Spring Caravan 2012, for a performance with BeatBox Guitar.  And for  posed photos with  StereoVision Photography at Art of the Belly 2012

Red White And Blue


The Red White and Blue costume was inspired by previous performance at the Drum and Dance Hafla in October 2011.  Stars and Stripes Forever will not be performed again until it is complete.  Construction is mostly done now, but still needs fringe. 

You will have to come out to a Hafla in Delaware or Maryland in 2012 to see it completed.  Estimated time of debut is at the July All Seasons Hafla, at 7 West Bistro in Towson MD.

Update: Red, White, and Blue did make it's debut when Lorelei  headlined the July All Season's hafla.  Photo by Triformis Photography.

Blue Multi Jewel

Lorelei just started coving this set with material in

stereo vision

Jan 2012.  This is planned to be a more old school style top, but with a modern belt inspired by some Hanan designs. 

Decorations will be mostly jewels with some AB Swarovski crystals.  Some beads and sequins will be used to fill in any gaps.  The fabric is liquid lame so it has its own shine without any decoration.

Lorelei also plans to use the leftover fabric to make a matching trumpet skirt. 

The costume was finished and photographed by StereoVision Photography at Art of the Belly 2012.

Spring Green Floral



This spring flower costume was inspired by the Aubergine Faeries and Spring.   The base is a green cabaret style costume, but with more flowers than rhinestones.  

Photos from a VSB shoot with Samira in Baltimore.  Locations were graffiti Alley and the American Visionary Art Museum.  

Red, Pink, and black all over

Dancers eye


The Black, Pink and  Red was inspired by Lorelei's favorite colors.   This costume was designed with several different skirts,  with different  combinations of black, red, and pink.  

This costume made it's debut at the April 2017 Delaware Drum and Dance Hafla.

Photo from from the Dancers Eye.

White Vintage

Dancers Eye


This set was inspired by vintage Golden

Age Egyptian costuming.  The main color is white, with different styles of fabric including sat

in, lace, and  liquid lame.  The accents are both silver and gold.  

Some of the fabrics and sequins in this costume are also blacklight reactive.  

Photo  from the Dancers Eye.




This costume was inspired by the batwing costumes.  Both red and black  pleather were used to give the flames extra shine.  A few medallions were added  to give it some tribal fusion flare.


Costumes in Progress

Last updated:  Sep 4, 2017


This costume is in the style of a cabaret performance costume, but the fabric  along with some of the beads and sequins are blacklight reactive.  This costume will debut at the Nov 2017 Delaware Drum and Dance Hafla.  

Fall Foliage

All the leaves brown.....and red and orange.  This costume is inspired by the changing leaves of fall.  The will be in shades of red, orange,  copper, and brown.

Blue Turkish

The Blue Turkish is inspired by older Sim and Topkapi costumes

Coin and Kuchi

This costume was inspired by old school cabaret and Tribal costumes.  A mix of Night Club and Bal Anat.

Purple and Black

Purple and Black costume, in the works.  Better name comeing soon.  Purple Hafla eater?

Holiday Hafla

A holiday season inspiration.  Santa hats and holly.