Contact Information

 updated May 16, 2018
The best way to contact Lorelei is via email:

You can also call or leave a phone message: 302-464-0392

Estimated Rates

 Local estimates only.  Extra charges may apply for more than 30 miles of travel
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Weekly CLasses:  $10 - $20
Weekly class cost depends on location.  But most classes in the area range from $10 - $20 per class.  Cost is usually less when you purchase an entire month of classes.

Bellygram: $200
10 - 15 minute mini-show including some props (zills, veil, sword, tray of candles or hula hoop for fusion) and some audience participation.    (While Lorelei does discount  recurring shows, such as  weekly/monthly restaurant performances, her minimum price for a single set is $100)
Full Bellydance Show: $250
20 - 25 minute bellydance show including props (zills, veil, cane, double veil, sword, tray of candles, or hula hoop for fusion) and audience participation.  

Short show and Lesson: $300
A bellygram length show (10 - 15) minutes with a 30 minute mini lesson on basic bellydance.  Contact Lorelei about specific topics like shimmies, cane, zills, or hoop fusion.    Lorelei can also provide hipscarves  and coin belts to borrow or keep, with an additional charge.

Middle Eastern Rhythm Demonstration:  $300
Lorelei teaches how to play and hear basic Middle Eastern Rhythms such as Baladi, Saidi, Chifitelli and Malfuf.  Lorelei does not teach drum technique.  She will teach how to recognize and play Middle Eastern rhythms on any instrument.  This includes a 10-15 minute instrumental demonstration, 30  minute lesson, and 30-40 minute practice.  Lorelei can provide drums and rhythms instruments to borrow at an additional price.